A magnet sheet showing 6 spaceships of different eras and technology levels and one tiny planet with two unexpectedly happy mushrooms inhabiting it

Outer Space Exploration magnet sheet

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In the deep dark depths of outer space there is a planet 14cm in circumference and it's in need of a saviour.  That saviour, is YOU!

The Outer Space Exploration magnet sheet packs 7 different space vehicle themed magnets into a 10x15cm magnet sheet.  Each vessel pops out of its vibrant galaxy, ready to stick to your fridge, locker, or favourite cast iron television!

Suggested uses for the Outer Space Exploration magnet sheet are:

  • Wage epic combat on your fridge to decide who gets to put things in the butter compartment
  • Stick them to hard drives to selectively erase small files
  • Confuse them with stickers and wonder why they don't stick to your dog's forehead
  • Decorate the hood of your mom's car
  • Study aerospace designs for a future career with NASA or SpaceX
  • Tell people they're next year's Pokémon